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Price Match

We guarantee our prices are extremely competetive and should be the BEST prices you will find on-line, along with delivering the very best service. For this reason, we offer a price match against other on-line sellers. If you find the same product elsewhere on line, give us a call on 0345 224 3691 and we will match or even beat it! Note that the following conditions must be met for the price match to apply:

- The item must be available on a UK website at the advertised price, and readily available to purchase, with a like for like delivery offering.

-The item in question must have the same specifications, quantity and be produced by the same manufacturer - although we will usually price match even if made by a different manufacturer, as long as its a comparable quality.

- Auction sites such as ebay and amazon do not qualify for price match.

- The price match cannot be used in conjunction with any discount codes or promotional items.

- If there are pricing errors on competitors sites that are clear typographical pricing errors, these will not be matched.

- Note that for corrugated lines (boxes/cartons), the item must be of the same specification (fluting and thickness) and be unbranded.

Call us on 0345 224 3691 and we will be more than happy to help!

Globe Packaging

Protective Packaging at Globe Packaging

We understand the importance of ensuring the safe transit of your items, whether you're shipping products or moving house or office. Our wide range of protective packaging products is organised into distinct subcategories, making it easy for you to find the perfect protective packaging solution for your needs. Explore our collection and discover high-quality products that prioritise the safety of your items:

Bubble Wrap: Ultimate Cushioning for Sending Items

Protect your fragile and delicate items with our range of small and large bubble wrap. We offer quality bubble wrap in various widths to suit your specific requirements, including biodegradable and paper options. Bubble wrap provides exceptional cushioning and impact resistance, keeping your items protected during transit or storage.

Bubble Pouches: Convenient Protection for Small Items

For added convenience and versatility, explore our selection of bubble pouches. These pre-formed pouches are ideal for protecting smaller items such as jewelry, electronics, or accessories. The bubble cushioning inside the pouches offers excellent protection against scratches and impacts, ensuring that your items arrive in pristine condition.

Corrugated Paper Rolls: Versatile Wrapping and Padding

Discover our range of corrugated paper rolls, perfect for wrapping, cushioning, and protecting your items. Corrugated paper provides an additional layer of protection due to its fluted design, offering strength and shock absorption. It is commonly used as a protective wrapping for oversized or odd-shaped items (e.g. car bumpers) � basically, items too large or too awkwardly shaped to fit inside standard boxes.

Loose Fill / Void Fill: Fill the Gaps for Secure Packaging

To fill void spaces and ensure your items stay in place during transit, consider our loose-fill options. We offer eco-friendly and biodegradable solutions such as Ecoflo loose fill, which is shaped like wotsits, and Flopak loose fill, which is shaped like the number 8.

Air Pillows Cushioning: Lightweight and Reliable

Our air pillows cushioning provides lightweight and reliable protection for your items. These inflatable pillows are designed to fill empty spaces within packages, providing an additional layer of cushioning against shocks and impacts. They are easy to use, versatile, and offer excellent protection for a wide range of products.

Foam Wrap Rolls: Flexible and Impact-Resistant

For items that require superior impact resistance, our foam wrap rolls are an ideal choice. The Jiffy foam wrap offers a protective layer that absorbs shocks and prevents surface damage. Whether you need to wrap furniture, electronics, or delicate items, our foam wrap rolls provide reliable cushioning and peace of mind.

Polystyrene Sheets / Corners: Rigid Protection for Fragile Items

When extra rigidity is required to protect fragile items, our polystyrene sheets and corners are the perfect solution. These rigid foam materials offer superior impact resistance and protection against sharp edges. They are ideal for securing and protecting items such as artwork, mirrors, or glass during transit or storage, and are also commonly used as floor/wall/roof insulation boards for building & construction.

Furniture Protection: Safeguard Your Valuable Pieces

Protect your furniture from scratches, dents, and damage during transportation or storage. We offer a range of protective covers, blankets, and rolls specifically designed to fit various furniture items. Ensure the longevity and pristine condition of your valuable pieces with our furniture protection products.

Edge & Corner Protection: Reinforce and Shield

Explore our range of edge and corner protectors. These products provide an additional layer of protection to prevent damage and ensure the structural integrity of your packages. From cardboard edge protectors to foam corner protectors, we have options to suit different packaging needs.

Cardboard Layer Pads: Sturdy and Stackable

Maintain stability and protect your items during stacking with our cardboard layer pads. These sturdy pads provide a flat surface between layers of products, preventing crushing or shifting during transit. They are versatile and can be used in various applications, such as palletising, layering, or separating items.

Do Not Stack Pallet Cones: Promote Safe Handling

Ensure the safe transportation of your palletised goods with our "Do Not Stack" pallet cones. These cones are placed on top of pallets to indicate to forklift operators and drivers that they should not be stacked, preventing potential damage or accidents. Our pallet cones are highly visible and help promote safe handling practices in warehouses or during transportation.

Whether you need bubble wrap, foam wrap, void fill, or specialised protection, you'll find everything you need in our comprehensive collection of protective packaging. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to quickly and efficiently deliver the protective packaging your items deserve.