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Price Match

We guarantee our prices are extremely competetive and should be the BEST prices you will find on-line, along with delivering the very best service. For this reason, we offer a price match against other on-line sellers. If you find the same product elsewhere on line, give us a call on 0345 224 3691 and we will match or even beat it! Note that the following conditions must be met for the price match to apply:

- The item must be available on a UK website at the advertised price, and readily available to purchase, with a like for like delivery offering.

-The item in question must have the same specifications, quantity and be produced by the same manufacturer - although we will usually price match even if made by a different manufacturer, as long as its a comparable quality.

- Auction sites such as ebay and amazon do not qualify for price match.

- The price match cannot be used in conjunction with any discount codes or promotional items.

- If there are pricing errors on competitors sites that are clear typographical pricing errors, these will not be matched.

- Note that for corrugated lines (boxes/cartons), the item must be of the same specification (fluting and thickness) and be unbranded.

Call us on 0345 224 3691 and we will be more than happy to help!

Globe Packaging

In this section you will find size 30x20x20" (770x520x520mm) single wall boxes, in various quantities/pack sizes. This carton is perfect for large size yet lightweight items, and a good size for warehouse/ dispatch use at an economy price. This is the largest single wall box we stock at Globe Packaging. Should not be used for heavy items (double wall boxes are recommended for heavy items). All stated dimensions are length x width x height.

These boxes have been manufactured to have the maximum internal dimensions that Yodel and Parcelforce allow to be sent in their network, under their standard 24hr or 48hr services. The internal dimensions of the boxes are 510x510x715mm (51x51x71.5cm). The external dimensions of the boxes are 516x516x727mm (51.6x51.6x72.7cm). All measurements are length x width x height. To calculate the size of this box using Yodel or Parcelforce's volumetric calculation, simply use the below:

Yodel 24 or 48 - This states that the box must be less than 0.23 cubic metres. The external size of this box once assembled and taped is 0.52x0.52x0.73M = 0.20 cubic metres (less than their maximum of 0.23 cubic metres)

Parcelforce 24 or 48 - the length plus girth must equal less than 3 metres. In this case, the calculation using the external measurements of the box is 0.73+((52+52)*2) = 281cm (less than their maximum of 300cm).

The above box meets the courier profiles as you can see from the calculations above, and is the maximum size allowed under their services. Please note that if you overpack the box, or stretch it, then volumetric charging may apply. This box has been designed with all intent and purposes to have the maximum dimensions allowable for the above purposes, but we cannot take any responsibility for the courier service or any charging that may apply. Please check the dimensions yourself thoroughly before sending, once packed, to ensure it does not go oversize.