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Price Match

We guarantee our prices are extremely competetive and should be the BEST prices you will find on-line, along with delivering the very best service. For this reason, we offer a price match against other on-line sellers. If you find the same product elsewhere on line, give us a call on 0345 224 3691 and we will match or even beat it! Note that the following conditions must be met for the price match to apply:

- The item must be available on a UK website at the advertised price, and readily available to purchase, with a like for like delivery offering.

-The item in question must have the same specifications, quantity and be produced by the same manufacturer - although we will usually price match even if made by a different manufacturer, as long as its a comparable quality.

- Auction sites such as ebay and amazon do not qualify for price match.

- The price match cannot be used in conjunction with any discount codes or promotional items.

- If there are pricing errors on competitors sites that are clear typographical pricing errors, these will not be matched.

- Note that for corrugated lines (boxes/cartons), the item must be of the same specification (fluting and thickness) and be unbranded.

Call us on 0345 224 3691 and we will be more than happy to help!

Globe Packaging


Here at Globe Packaging, you'll find a wide selection of premium double wall boxes designed to provide superior strength and protection for your valuable, heavy, or fragile items. Our double wall cardboard boxes are the ideal choice for demanding packaging applications, offering durability, security, and peace of mind.


When it comes to safeguarding your goods during transit or storage, our affordable double wall cheap storage boxes excel. Double wall removal boxes are more durable and robust than single wall boxes. Constructed from stronger grades of board and built with two layers of corrugated paper sandwiched by layers of paper on top, bottom and middle side, these boxes provide enhanced strength and resistance to withstand heavy loads and rough handling.

All the double wall boxes we stock are manufactured in the UK with a 125K/T paper thickness, and made in a BC flute (7mm thick flute), thereby extremely high in quality and offering superior protection.

Double Wall CARDBOARD Boxes in a Range of Sizes & Dimensions

We understand that packaging requirements can vary greatly depending on the nature and size of your items. That's why our double wall packaging and storage boxes are available in a diverse range of sizes and dimensions. Whether you need compact boxes for small items or larger containers for bulky goods, we have the perfect fit for your specific requirements at a great price. (Note: all box sizes are stated as internal dimensions [length x width x height])


Our double wall moving boxes offer versatility for a variety of packaging applications. Whether you're shipping fragile items or organising your inventory these boxes are designed to meet your unique requirements. They are generally used for heavier items and widely used in the removal industry as removal boxes (also known as storage boxes or moving boxes) as an ideal packaging solution for moving homes or business premises. Their sturdy construction and reinforced protection also make them suitable for industries such as e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, and more.

Superior Packaging Strength & Security

With double the layers of corrugated cardboard, our double wall boxes provide unmatched strength and security. The added durability ensures that your products are shielded from impacts, drops, and compression, minimizing the risk of damage. These heavy duty boxes are thick, rigid and well-constructed, meaning they are also great for long term storage of items. By choosing our premium quality double wall boxes, you invest in the highest level of protection for your valuable goods.

Competitive Prices & Next-Day Delivery

Our double wall cardboard boxes are competitively priced, offering cost-effective packaging solutions without compromising on quality.

We offer fast and reliable delivery across the UK so place your order of double wall boxes today to receive prompt delivery and experience the convenience and reliability of our packaging products.