How Product Packaging Influences Customer’s Buying Decision?

The first thing that comes to our notice while looking at a product is the packaging. When they say that first impression lasts long, it’s more than an expression. You don’t want a lasting impression but you would like the viewer to turn into your customer. Well, the right packaging will do the job for you. You need to understand the role being played by a product package on a prospective customer to successfully use this marketing tool. According to a study, about one-third of the decision made to buy a product is based on its packaging. Work out the First Impression If your product impresses the customer at the first look then the subsequent decisions are always a little biased. You should fully utilise this behaviour of people for your good and use the packaging to gain a kicking first impression. Everything that relates to your company and your product is represented via the package of the product. The better the package, the better is your customer reliance upon you. A packaging is said to be successful if your customer is able to notice your product among the wide range of options available. Such convenience attracts the customer towards [...]

How Should I Pack My Shipments [Infographic]

You should pack your product effectively to avoid any damage while in transit. There are several ways of packing your goods. The infographic below, created by Globe Packaging, revolves around tips to pack your shipment correctly. You should follow these methods if you want to keep your products safe when shipping them from one place to another.

11 Clever Uses for Bubble Wrap You Never Thought Of

Bubble wraps are among the most popular packaging materials that are being used. This material is particularly very useful for packing electronic goods and other delicate and fragile items. The bubbles are filled with air and this makes a kind of cushion around the object. Even when there is pressure inflicted, the bubbles do not allow the same to come on the item directly. These wraps are available in varieties – the small bubble wraps and the large bubble wraps being the most common of all. But apart from being used as packaging supplies, bubble wraps can be used in other innovative ways as well. Mentioned below find some creative as well as useful ways of using bubble wraps: 1. Maintaining temperature of groceries – If your home is little away from the grocery store and you want to maintain the temperature of some item, a bubble wrap can be of great help. For instance, if you want the ice cream to stop melting on your way back home, try lining the ice cream box with bubble wrap. The temperature remains stable as air passage is blocked with the wrap. 2. Protective covering for plants – If you have vegetable [...]

Top 5 Packaging Options to Help You Enhance Your Customer’s Product Experience

Professional packaging industry is a client oriented industry. That means satisfying clients is the top priority in this trade and doing that successfully will help a business to sustain on the long run. On the other hand, the businesses that fail to provide satisfactory services to clients are generally found to move towards extinction. Good packaging does not only ensure security of the products, but also assure good aesthetic values and easy storage. From foods to heavy materials or goods, packaging industry is vast as different kinds of products are required to be packaged. Packing is an art, and mastering this art is important to enhance buyers’ experiences. Terrific packaging of a product lures clients, while some clients check packaging before buying a product in order to ensure health as well as hygiene. Transportation is also an important factor. This is why products with better packaging are chosen by the buyers, if the products are required to be transported. Ensure Efficient and Interesting Packaging A perfectly packed product has lingering impressions on the buyers or customers. This is why product manufacturers focus on packaging with high importance. Making the packaging interesting is highly suggested, though you should not make packaging [...]

15 Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Packaging supplies come in many varieties. And without them, moving or shifting becomes impossible. Among the different kinds of supplies, cardboard boxes need special mention. Available in different sizes and shapes, these boxes help in storing things and keep them safe from all kinds of damages. However, once the use of the boxes is over, they end up as trash and remain stacked in storerooms. How about reusing these boxes in creative ways so that they are not just wasted? Mentioned below find some tips by which you can reuse the old boxes: 1. Floor protectors Cut small rounded shapes of cardboard from the boxes and place them under chair or couch legs so that there is no fear of scratching on the floors while moving furniture. 2. Pet bed Make shallow beds for your pet with used boxes. Put an old pillow and blankets in it and your pet can sleep and rest snugly there. 3. Organizer for the car trunk The car trunk contains many things include jumper cables, windshield washer fluid, quarts of oil etc. Placing all of them in a box will keep things organized. 4. Re-gifting Re-gifting is a great idea and is highly appreciated. [...]