7 Essential Tips for Packing Fragile Items When Moving

If you are shifting your house for professional reasons or looking to move to a completely new house in a new locality, you will have to pack your belongings and make necessary arrangements for shifting. There are different items in a house or in an office, which include fragile items as well. And it is needless to say that fragile items have to be handled with care so that no damage is inflicted on the same during transit. Suitable packaging supplies are needed for packing fragile items. Mentioned below are 7 tips which can be followed while packing fragile items during shifting: 1. Stock the right kinds of fragile item packing materials If you don’t have the right kinds of packaging materials for fragile items, even the best packing and moving company cannot guarantee safe delivery of your goods. Some of the most important materials in this regard include bubble wraps, packing tape, cardboard boxes, packing paper etc. packing papers are preferred over newsprints so that ink is not transferred to the items in any way. 2. Go for suitable wrapping solutions Many people use towels, paper towels, newspapers etc for wrapping fragile items. Expert packs and movers recommend using [...]

Life of a Cardboard Box [Infographic]

Did you know that cardboard is used to ship 90% of all products? Cardboard boxes are among the most popular packaging materials. It is important to stay educated on how the material is constructed and why it should be reused or recycled to protect environment. Here we have an info-graphic which revolves around the life of a cardboard box.

7 Tips for Smart Holiday Recycling

Christmas is no doubt festive times for all of us with loads of gifts, good food, fun and frolic. But have we ever thought about the volume of trash that is created during this time? Gift wraps, food boxes, gift boxes are the main contributors in this section. Research has shown that 25% more trash is generated during Christmas and holiday season when compared to usual times. Therefore pressure on recycling bins is also quite high during this time of the year. Mentioned below are 7 highly effective tips for holiday recycling: 1. Cardboard boxes need to be handled carefully More and more people are buying things online and these are usually delivered in cardboard boxes in varying sizes and shapes. Cardboard boxes are excellent packaging materials as they are high value recyclables. The only problem is that their volume is high and hence they tend to overflow in the trash bins. For effective disposal of these boxes, break them and lay flat to minimize space occupancy. Send them for recycling as per convenience. 2. Don’t be duped by the three arrow triangle Many people think that the three arrow green triangle signifies ‘recyclable’ materials. But such symbols can also [...]

Think Outside the Box: The Future of Packaging

Packaging is an industry, which was there, is there and will be there in future as well. With the market becoming more and more consumer centric, great emphasis is laid on packaging. Along with product packaging, shifting from one place to other also needs proper packaging of products so that they are not damaged and destroyed in transit. Whatever be the need of packaging, it is true that without the right kinds of packaging materials, the job will not be done in the right manner. Evolution in the packaging industry Like other industries, the packaging industry is also evolving and changing with time. And it is facing challenges from various sectors. For instance, technological inventions are making a deep impact on this industry. It depends whether these changes will be accepted or not keeping in mind the expenses involved and the end results. Sustainability is a major factor that plays a pivotal role in the packaging industry. Right from packing a toothbrush to packing an iPhone, strong feelings can be evoked via packaging. This can bring in positive responses as well as negative responses. Product packaging came much later. Before that packing was mainly intended to secure products from breakage [...]

Top 10 Beauty Packaging Trends for 2017

The packaging industry is developing and evolving really fast. Tastes and preferences of customers keep on changing with time and packaging designs have to be altered accordingly. It is quite interesting to see the amazing creativities and innovations that go in the making of these designs so that they are not only appealing to the customer but smart at the same time. Beauty care product packaging needs to be immaculate as women are usually fascinated with product packaging. Mentioned below are some of the best beauty packaging trends for 2017: Less is always more in packaging Having too many things printed and mentioned on the packaging can be repelling. If you are looking to print product ingredients, 2-3 are abundant. Keeping things simple is what is attracting more and more consumers today. Keep the protocol in mind Beauty care and cosmetic products often need a routine that needs to be followed. So just launching the product will not be enough. The packaging should mention preferable times of applying the product or the multiple steps involved in the same. The protocol should be clearly mentioned on the packaging. Combination of the topical product and the devices Just using a topical beauty [...]