Optimax PSW003 Automatic Power Pre Pallet Stretch Wrap Turntable Machine With Integrated Weighing Scales

The Optimax PSW003 Pallet Pre-Stretch Wrapper with integrated weighing scales offers increased logistic application efficiencies. It has a further advanced electronic control system to allow greater versatility, delivering optimum results for every pallet wrapping application. Integrated weighing scales provide valuable in-transit and logistics weight information for carriers. The PSW003 is also designed to be able to give 300% stretch on power pre wrap - giving a large saving on the cost of material (1 metre of film stretches to 4 metres). It is designed for businesses that are very large users of pallet wrap.


- Digital weighing scales on the turntable ramp
- Increased load capacity of 2000kg
- Can use up to 300% power pre-stretch - 1 metre of film stretches to 4 metres
- 1650mm Turntable with 2000mm wrapping height
- Home position: the turntable always stops at the same position
- Pallet height photo sensor
-Adjustable tension, turntable and carriage speed
- Soft-start and stop with cycle pause function
- Choice of automatic or manual modes
- 180 degree rotating control box
- Trouble shooting information displays on screen
- Advanced soft wrapping - this regulates the film tension as the pallet rotates, to avoid over-tensioning on corners
- Automatic reinforced strapping feature
- Automatic film pin puncture
- One way idler roller (designed to allow film tail to stay outside of carriage)
- Audible warning during cycle
- Safety switch to prevent foot pinch


Model Name - Optimax PSW003
Use - Automatic Stretch Wrapper Machine
Dimensions (WxDxH) - 1650x2400x2345mm
Max Wrapping Height - 2000mm
Max Loading Weight - 2000kg
Turntable diameter - 1650mm
Colour - Blue (As Pictured)
Power Supply - 230-240V, 13A 50-60Hz Single Phase
Weight - 450kg
Loading Ramp - Optional (Additional Purchase)

Warranty: This machine comes with a 12 month manufacturer return warranty. In the event of a breakdown (which is extremely rare), simply send the machine to the manufacturer and they will repair and send back to you. An on-site warranty is available at additional cost if required of 395.00 for most areas - please enquire for further details.

Loading Ramp: If you would like to use this machine with a pallet pump truck, you will need to purchase a ramp to affix to the turntable. These are available on our site a cost of 349 each.

Installation & Training: Delivery on all machines is free and included in the machine price. Installation is relatively simple and does not require an engineer. If, however, you would like an installation and training service, this is available from the manufacturer at an additional cost of 295.00. We recommend using this service for pallet wrap machinery, as assembly is slightly more complex than the other ranges of machinery.