Heavy Duty 'Opus Air' Air Pillow Machine For Opus Bio Biodegradable Cushion & Quilt Rolls

The Opus Air air pillow machine is a class of its own. Put simply, when a product performs better, costs less and is better for the environment, why wouldn't you use it? The opus air machine works with all opus bio roll products, to produce fully 100% biodegradable cushioning at the most cost effective prices. It is a UK developed air cushion system that uses environmentally sustainable films.

The Opus System is compact, reliable and easy to use and boasts a market leading throughout of 11 cubic metres per hour, at speeds up to 17 meters per minute. It produces high yielding cushions that will protect your products and reduce the cost per cubic metre of your void fill solution.

The Opus Air system can be used with all of the following film sizes/specifications:

- 100mm x 200mm x 500M Rolls Of Air Pillow Film
- 200mm x 200mm x 500M Rolls Of Air Pillow Film
- 400mm x 50mm x 325M Rolls Of Tube Pillow Film
- 400mm x 100mm x 325M Rolls Of Tube Pillow Film
- 400mm x 120mm x 325M Rolls Of Tube Pillow Film
- Opus Pro-Tech Bubble Quilt Film 400mm x 260mm x 260M

Technical Specifications As Below:

Speed: 17 meters per minute
Throughput: 11 cubic metres per hour
Electricity Supply: 110/240V Single Phase
Dimensions Of Machine: 36x30x28cm
Weight Of Machine: 8.3kg

Warranty: This machine comes with a 12 month manufacturer return warranty. In the event of a breakdown (which is extremely rare), simply send the machine to the manufacturer and they will repair and send back to you.