20,000 x A4 Sheets Of Integrated Labels G11 (110x80mm Label) - Ebay Amazon Style Peel Off Labels

20,000 x high quality UK manufactured integrated labels, 90gsm in thickness. These integrated labels are commonly known as style G11/S11, with a single integrated label of size 110x80mm, positioned 10mm from the left of the A4 sheet and 25mm from the top. Suitable for all inkjet and laser printers, and perfect for ebay and amazon dispatch, and all e-commerce sellers. Further benefits/specifications as below:

- A4 Integrated labels with label size 110x80mm
- Label positioned 10mm from the left of the A4 page, 25mm from top. Can be used either way round
- Can be used with all laser and inkjet printers
- Suitable for ebay and amazon dispatch
- High quality 90gsm thickness, quality guaranteed