18,000 x LIL Rigid Cardboard Envelopes 'CD' Size 180mm x 164mm £1,540.00

A pallet of 18,000 quality small 'CD' size Amazon style rigid cardboard envelopes, branded 'LIL' (70 boxes of 250 envelopes). These are exactly the same specification of product as used by Amazon to mail their CD's. Size of each envelope is 180mm x 164mm - they are 100% rigid and recyclable with peel & seel strips for easy application, and are 350gsm in thickness. They also contain an easy-open tear strip for your customer, to be used once they receive the item. Perfect for sending CD's and alike in the post.

The A-CD Lil kraft envelope offers fantastic protection against damage to plastic CD cases (CD case size 125 x 142mm) through the mail. It minimises the risk of cracking/splitting to the plastic CD case. Further benefits as below:

- Proven to be up to 60% faster to pack (60% faster than a book wrap and 15% faster than a bubble envelopes):

- Reduces returns significantly - research conducted suggests these reduce return rates by 63% on average for on-line CD sellers

- Minimised Postage Cost: 18-23mm thick DVD boxes sets & books packaged in a standard 8mm thick bubble envelope would be too thick for the 25mm restriction of royal mail 'large letter' and would cost twice as much to mail as a 'packet' rate. A lil envelope is just 1.8mm thick.